Gates, Doors and Portals

Many of the images I make resemble portals, or gates. There is something very powerful about the symbol representing a gate or portal because it  immediately conveys a sense of transition from one place to another or one state of being to another. Who would deny that many things in life seem to progress, grow and transform by moving from state to state? We are born into this world through a physical portal traversing our mother’s birth canal. Death and the various beliefs describing the after life are often described as leaving behind the physical body and earthly world to enter through a tunnel of light or gates leading to the next realm. There are also traditions that use the symbol of gates and portals to describe the individual’s journey upward towards self development, improvement and perfection. In many esoteric traditions the initiate is led through a gate or between pillars to symbolize an awakening and transformation that expands the individual’s consciousness, reborn into a higher improved state of being.


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