Sigil Magic as Art?

Much of my artwork is a type of ‘mandala’ or 'Magik Circle', formed with symmetry and balance to represent the universe, but can also be used to symbolize a state of balance and wholeness in our own personal sphere of life.

Most if not all cultures have used symbols to convey meaning, or to represent a desired state. Historically the term ‘sigil’ has referred to the pictorial signature of a demon or other entity that could be called upon for assistance in achieving a specific task. In modern times, it is often used as a symbolic representation of the sigil maker’s desired outcome and goal. By writing and drawing a sigil, a desire becomes represented in a visible and tangible form. The creation and drawing of the sigil becomes a magical act as the image functions as a vehicle or gateway for the desired outcome to manifest into our lives. The act of making a sigil becomes the link between an invisible world of thoughts, emotions, and desires and the world we experience through our senses. By giving our goal a physical representation we invite it into our reality.

Contact me if you’d like a sigil-like art piece that incorporates a word letters or any other symbol that has meaning to you. Email here: 


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