Symbolism of the Circle

The circle is likely the most recognizable and potent symbol we have. In many cultures through the ages, the circle has served to represent the many cycles that seem to govern our lives as well as the natural world around us. Almost everything in our world seems to pass through a cycle of birth, growth, maturation, decay and eventual return to the source from which it came. The daily journey of the sun across the sky, the yearly orbit of our earth around the sun, and the larger platonic year all operate like wheels within wheels spinning continuously inside the machinery of our great universe. The infinite ring of the circle conveys the greatest of paradoxes. Our symbol for ’zero’ represents emptiness and nothingness, but is also a symbol for life, love, fullness, and infinity. 

Much of my artwork is a type of mandala or 'Magik Circle',  formed with symmetry and balance to represent the cosmos. The 'Magik Circles' I create are images that symbolically depict a microcosm of the universe, and can be used as a visual aid to meditation. =)





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