The largest painting in Los Angeles?


I’m not sure if it will be the largest, so I’m not going to claim the title until I know for sure. It won’t be very visible unless you’re in a plane, helicopter, or you happen to be a bird or an interplanetary visitor cruising the skies over Los Angeles, ;) but either way it will be big and can become somewhat of a landmark. 

This project came about because some of the local businesses in the fashion district decided to set aside wall and roof space for artists in an effort to revitalize, brighten and beautify this industrial area of Los Angeles. I’ve already started painting some of the wall space on the roof but this large ‘Cosmic Serpent’ project will start soon in a few weeks. The image above is a rough sketch I drew upon a google satellite image of the buildings I will be painting to give you a glimpse of what it will look like.

‘Cosmic Serpent’ Symbolism

As many of you know, I enjoy exploring the power and meaning of symbols and themes through my artwork. The symbol of the Cosmic Serpent uncoiling and extending itself to bite the solar orb will be an impactful image especially given its size and scale. The image of a serpent has been used throughout history to symbolize many different concepts. One of the meanings that is conveyed in this work is that of the serpent as a symbol of the subtle powerful primal energy that underlies all things. A force that is hidden yet integral to all things we know. It is the quiet force that pushes along the constant cycles of birth, growth, decay and death. The uncoiled serpent is also symbolic of one’s ability to experience this hidden power consciously as a spiritual awakening that brings us closer to the light of higher knowledge.

Stay tuned for more updates as I continue to work on this project! Let me know if you have questions or feedback!

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