Ancient and Modern Influences

art asemic writing

Since very young, I was always drawn towards art that incorporated writing or at least the look of letters, words and symbols. When traveling around town I'd always be on the look out for graffiti on the walls in the city. I remember forming opinions on whether the graffiti looked sloppy or if it was consistent and symmetrical, often without paying much attention to the content and meaning of the letters or words tagged on the walls. I was much more intrigued by the look and feel of the graffiti than by the gang or 'tagger' name that was being depicted. 

As I grew older and had the opportunity to look in a few history books, I was also immediately enamored by images of writing in ancient Sumerian tablets, Egyptian hieroglyphics, and all forms of calligraphy art, especially in old texts such as the Book of Kells. Eventually my attention also turned towards the deep and mysterious symbology in the writings and artwork of the medieval European alchemists.

My early attraction towards modern urban graffiti art fused with a deep appreciation for old, ancient, often illegible texts and scripts. Much of my work mixes the old and the new, and can be described as carrying a sleek urban modern minimalist feel while also conveying a heavy archaic historical quality and presence.

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